Month: October 2017

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Charlie Moore at Capital Conquest 2017 & More!

Join Charlie Moore at Capital Conquest 2017 in Ottowa, Canada, where he will provide exciting seminars on tactics and techniques for real world self-defense situations! Click HERE to view a teaser video of the types of things he will be teaching. For more information on Capital Conquest 2017, check out the Capital Conquest website and […]

Devine Jiu Jitsu Saint Simons | 2017-2018 Information

Not all martial arts are created equal in the real world when it comes to real world applications! Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to protect yourself from today’s threats with training that works on and off the mats. We invite you to join our Devine Jiu Jitsu Saint Simons family! Following is our current class schedule […]

Welcome to Charlie Moore Training!

Welcome to the new home of Charlie Moore Training! I am humbled and honored to travel the country and worldwide training civilians, business executives and law enforcement in real world self-defense and self-protection tactics and techniques! Friends, you cannot determine what day you will need to be prepared for a possible life-changing event. Whether they […]