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Charlie Moore utilizes 33+ years of real-world experience through law enforcement service and decades devoted to martial arts to deliver comprehensive self-protection training and exclusive scenario-based training in areas of active shooter response, civilian tactical handgun, church security and law enforcement.


Charlie Moore Training offers a wide variety of training courses, seminars and workshops in self-protection and self-defense.

All training can be customized to incorporate specific needs and goals.

Active Shooter Response - Charlie Moore Training www.charliemooretraining.com

With the average police response time being 3-5 minutes, individuals, as well as businesses, schools and organizations should take ownership of their safety and learn what to do in an active shooter or active threat event.

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Civilian Tactical Handgun training - Charlie Moore Training www.charliemooretraining.com

Our training provides the civilian handgun owner with the necessary skill sets to enable them to defend themselves using top-tier law enforcement training techniques, as well as teaching applicable use of force state law.

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Church Security training - Charlie Moore Training www.charliemooretraining.com

With threats at places of worship on the rise, we offer exclusive self-protection tactics training, as well as custom security training solutions, for today’s church security teams.

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Training for Law Enforcement - Charlie Moore Training www.charliemooretraining.com

Training for law enforcement officers created by a 33+ year law enforcement veteran. Take your training to the next level with easy and essential tactics to better protect yourself on the streets.

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Workshops with Charlie Moore have quickly become our most popular and frequently demanded event. From a student standpoint this is because he not only brings with him a wealth of hard earned experience/knowledge from 30+ years of law enforcement but he remains approachable and fun while doing so.
Chris Greenhill
Charlie's knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes him extremely effective in a real world scenario. But what makes him most special is his ability to take the most effective 'hand to hand' martial art in the world, and apply it for Law Enforcement, Military, or Civilians in a real world combat scenario...
Cole Miller
It's rare that you have a self defense practitioner that also combines real life experience, a "been there, done that" guy... Charlie has the answers on how to deal reality based scenarios both from the law enforcement and civilian perspective.
Steve Kardian
Charlie Moore's training course for the special operations unit in Ukraine has been one of the most successful to date. Each of the course evaluations described the participants' experience as one of the best training programs they had ever attended.
Marta Basystiuk
The self-defense and defensive tactics training programs taught by Mr. Charlie Moore are some of the most effective and efficient methods available. I would highly recommend his training to any law enforcement officer/agency or civilian group!
Roy C. Harris

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Latest News

June 5 & 6: Civilian Tactical Handgun Workshop | Bridgeport, NY

Charlie Moore will return to Cicero, NY, to teach a 3-part civilian tactical handgun workshop featuring sessions in handgun fundamentals, vehicle tactics and live fire. All training will be conducted at Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club at 7470 Bull Street, Bridgeport, NY 13030. Saturday, June 5 8am-12pm | Session 1 – Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun […]

May 06: Rotary Club Self-Defense Workshop | Brunswick, GA

Charlie Moore will be presenting a private self-defense workshop for Rotary Club members in southeast Georgia on May 6th from 10am-noon. The training will be held in downtown Brunswick at the Devine Jiu Jitsu studio. Main Topics include: Situational awareness Owning your personal bubble “Say No, Show No, Mean No.” Pre-emptive protective responses Re-active protective […]

May 08: FREE Law Enforcement Seminar | Pittsburgh

Charlie Moore will be presenting a Contact-Control-Cuffing seminar in Pittsburgh on May 8. This event is FREE to all local, state and federal law enforcement. Please bring one pair of handcuffs (w/key) or training cuffs. MAIN TOPICS ADDRESSED: • Safely bridging the “reactionary gap” • Contact positions for control • Frontal / Lateral / Rear […]