Charlie Moore at Capital Conquest 2017 & More!

Join Charlie Moore at Capital Conquest 2017 in Ottowa, Canada, where he will provide exciting seminars on tactics and techniques for real world self-defense situations!

Click HERE to view a teaser video of the types of things he will be teaching.

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For more information on Capital Conquest 2017, check out the Capital Conquest website and Facebook page!

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Charlie will also be teaching a wide variety of seminars in Canada and New York this week. Space is limited at some seminars, so if you want to join in the fun, be sure to first contact the host.

WED 11-1 | Hudson Valley Krav Maga | 8pm


THU 11-2 | Clifton Park Krav Maga | 6pm


FRI 11-3 | Cobleskill Krav Maga – Cobleskill, NY | 7pm

This will be a two-part course that will focus on realistic and effective responses to common everyday attacks. Part One will be Spontaneous Response Training for Common Street Attacks which will include intuition based protective responses,transitioning to positions of safety and control, pre-attack indicators and situational awareness of common street assaults perpetrated on civilians,role player importance and development,decreasing response time and increasing recognition speed and close quarter non-telegraphic and effective striking skill set development. Part two will be Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics for the Street which will include addressing the close quarter speed stab,the seven common intuitive responses to a violent close quarter edged weapon attack,the clear-contact-control countermeasure stages of the edged weapon attack and shock knife technology will be used for those wishing to pressure test their skills in a safe but stressful mini-scenario.

All abilities from beginner to advanced are welcome. Course fees will be $35 pre-registered or $45 at the door.


SUN 11-5 | Evolution Tristar Gym – Gatineau, Canada | 4pm

Merging single person takedown concepts and principles into team tactics for contact and control situations.

$30 / person


MON 11-6 | Team One Krav Maga – Cicero, NY | 7:15pm

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The day chooses you. Will YOU be ready?

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