Civilian Handgun Tactics Course: “Taking the Range Into Reality™”

UPDATE 4/22: This course is SOLD OUT! We are excited to have a full class of wonderful people who are committed to taking charge of their personal safety and advancing their skill sets! If you missed out on this class, we hope to offer it, again, in June. If you would like to add your name to the wait list, please email my assistant, Jen, at

Charlie Moore Training is bringing its exclusive civilian handgun tactics course to the Golden Isles in southeast Georgia! “Taking the Range Into Reality™” is the essential, all-inclusive handgun course for civilians who want complete training to prepare themselves for a real-life self-protection event.

The vast majority of handgun owners only attend a required safety course and rely almost 100% exclusively on static target shooting on a firearms range to provide them with the foundation for use of their handgun. Training solely like this leaves ones woefully ill-equipped to survive a real life violent encounter where one’s life, and possibly the lives of loved ones, may be at stake.

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Civilians who attend the “Taking the Range Into Reality™” course will first receive intensive training to provide each student with the operational skill sets of basic tactics required for the civilian handgun owner. This segment of the course is designed to enhance one’s effectiveness, efficiency and safety while using their weapon, should the need arise to protect oneself, family, or home from a violent intruder or threat.

The following topics will be addressed during the first segment of the course:

  • Development of color-coded situational awareness
  • Close-quarter weapons skills to include accessing your weapon, movement tactics, low/no light drills, structure clearing tactics, weapon retention and more
  • Learning the 3 fights of a use of force encounter and how to WIN them all
  • Survival mindset & tactical medicine applications

Civilian Handgun Tactics Course: Taking the Range Into Reality™ | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training -

During the second segment of the “Taking the Range Into Reality™” course, students will put their skills to the test! Charlie Moore Training’s fully interactive, scenario-based stress inoculation-focused training experience is crucial for advancing one’s handgun self-protection skill sets and use of force decision making abilities, while providing unparalleled insight inside a real-life self-defense encounter.

These scenario replications will make use of the following top-tier law enforcement training tools:

  • UTM/FX non-lethal training munitions, allowing for real-time feedback
  • Spartan training gear, permitting actual force-on-force evolutions
  • Shock knife technology, instilling additional realism of a stress-filled encounter
  • GoPro video technology to expand comprehension of use of force decision-making and justification ability under law
  • Hands-on real time and speed interaction during scenarios with professional role players
  • And more!

Students will develop articulable actions and enhance their performance through our one-of-a-kind video analysis process.

Civilian Handgun Tactics Course: Taking the Range Into Reality™ | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training -

The “Taking the Range Into Reality™” course will take place on APRIL 28 from 8:30AM to 4:30PM at the Blythe Island Baptist Church in Brunswick, Georgia. No live weapons, ammo, knives or less lethal devices will be permitted in the training venue.

The cost of the course is due upon registration. Students registering by April 15 take advantage of the greatly discounted course price of $239 AND receive a FREE Charlie Moore Training t-shirt. The course price increases after April 15, as notated on the flyer below. ALL students will receive a tourniquet and instruction in its use during the course.

Registration is NOW OPEN! The course is limited to 12 students and is expected to fill quickly. To register, visit our event registration page by clicking HERE.

For questions, contact instructor CHARLIE MOORE at (912) 996-7200 or You can also use the Charlie Moore Training website’s contact form to send us a message by clicking HERE.

We look forward to the opportunity to train you!

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CHARLIE MOORE has 33+ years of total law enforcement experience. He served as a patrol officer in the State of New York from 1982-1990. He joined the US Marshals Service in 1990, where he served in a number of positions. He has executed hundreds of high-risk arrest and search warrants during major nationwide violent fugitive apprehension operations. He has served as an undercover agent for the New England drug enforcement task force, as well as a response team leader for numerous high-threat national security events to include the 9-11 terrorist attacks on NYC, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the LA riots, the RNC and DNC conventions, the G-8 summit and more.

Mr. Moore retired in January 2015 with 25 years of Federal law enforcement service, having served as a nationally certified law enforcement instructor in the areas of defensive tactics, firearms, flying armed countermeasures, use of force, active threat and tactical physical fitness for the US Marshals National Training Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) located in Glynco, Georgia.

Charlie is a longtime proud member of the NRA.

Click HERE to read Charlie’s full bio.


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