Active Shooter / Hostile Threat Response Presentation at Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA

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When: September 16 (Monday), 2019 /8:30am – 5:00pm

Where: U.S. Marshals Service’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force (SERFTF) 73 Southwoods Parkway, Suite 110 Atlanta, GA 30354 (Parking in the rear of the building)

Who: This class may be attended by sworn law enforcement.

Length: 1 Day (8 Hours) Training Overview

Cost: There is no fee for this training.

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This program will focus on the fundamental concepts, principles, and technical aspects of the law enforcement professionals’ response to an active shooter/hostile threat event including the critically important practices of effectively integrating first responder resources during these increasingly common events. Detailed use of past events as well as statistical data will be utilized as building blocks via lessons learned. Additionally, this program will include the most commonly accepted definitions of an active shooter/ hostile threat events, officer movement and contact principles, performance under stress, blue on blue situation prevention, communication strategies, a tactical medicine overview, and more .

Virtually everyone in the law enforcement community agrees that first responders at an active shooter/threat event face one of the most worst-case scenarios imaginable, one in which they usually have never trained together or may even be alone, may have no real formal tactical or hostage rescue tactics training, they probably have little to no intelligence about the suspect(s), the victims, location blueprint or floor plans, number or kinds of weapons involved, may possess very little or no specialized equipment (breaching tools, diversion devices, search cameras, and in some cases long guns, etc.) all combining to make responding to one of these events one of the most stressful and difficult situations law enforcement, and first responders, can ever face.

Since the April 20, 1999, Columbine High School shooting the response by law enforcement and all first responders has changed from one of waiting for specialized units such as SWAT to arrive and resolve the situation to one of requiring the first responding officer(s) to take immediate action to stop the killing and dying by locating and neutralizing the threat. This goal will be this program’s primary objective.

In addition, we will discuss concepts, tactics and ideas that we as law enforcement professionals can share with our family, friends, loved ones, and the community to assist everyone in being safer during one of today’s ever-increasing threats to personal safety.



“The enhanced threat posed by active shooters and the swiftness with which active shooter incidents unfold support the importance of preparation of law enforcement and citizens alike”




  • 2000-2018 Active Shooter/Hostile Threat Event Statistics
  • Importance of applicable case law, agency policy, and pertinent guidance in the area of Use of Force
  • The OODA loop and its effect on active shooter/hostile threat event response
  • Stress and its dramatic effects on law enforcement officer performance
  • Arrival strategies for law enforcement personnel
  • Basic Team Movement Principles for both Deliberate and Exigent Circumstances
  • Top Ten Reasons for Failed Room Entries
  • Safety, Immediate Action, Communication and Medical (SICM)
  • Distinction between an active shooter/hostile event versus a barricaded subject/hostage taker and the appropriate response differences of each
  • The Five C’s of response to a barricaded subject/hostage taker event
  • Educating civilians regarding active shooter/hostile event response planning
  • Defining Run/Avoid, Hide/Deny, Fight/Defend maxims and their Pros and Cons
  • Demonstration and training on the proper application and effective use of tourniquets: Overview of the DHS “Stop the Bleed” program
  • And More….



CHARLIE MOORE is a retired US Marshal with 33+ years of real-world state, local and federal level law enforcement street experience. He has provided personal protection to Supreme Court Justices and numerous high-profile protected witnesses of the Federal Witness Protection Program. He has served as a response team leader for numerous highthreat national security events to include the 9-11 terrorist attacks on NYC, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the LA riots, the RNC and DNC conventions, the G-8 summit and much more. Additionally, he has participated in the execution of hundreds of high-risk warrant services for violent offenders nationwide.

Mr. Moore has personally trained tens of 1000’s of law enforcement officers worldwide in the areas of defensive tactics, police combatives, use of force, active shooter response, and officer survival tactics.

Moore travels worldwide conducting self-defense, personal protection strategies and active shooter training for civilians, high net worth business executives, church security teams, school systems, businesses, healthcare facilities, and specialty law enforcement/military units.

In addition, he provides expert witness consultation and testimony for police use of force related legal matters and cases.



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