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“When the time to act arrives, the time to prepare is over.”

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Introducing Rachael Moore

Rachael has joined CMT, bringing with her 30 years of real-world experience as a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

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Meet Charlie Moore
Lead Instructor

Real World Experience        Unparalleled Training

Charlie Moore utilizes 33+ years of real-world experience through law enforcement service and decades devoted to martial arts to deliver comprehensive self-protection training and exclusive scenario-based training in areas of active shooter response, civilian tactical handgun, church security and law enforcement.


Charlie Moore Training offers a wide variety of training courses, seminars and workshops in self-protection and self-defense. All training can be customized to incorporate specific needs and goals.

Mock photo of an active shooter

Active Shooter

With the average police response time being 3-5 minutes, individuals, as well as businesses, schools and organizations, should take ownership of their safety and learn what to do in an active shooter or active threat event.

Charlie Moore mock aiming weapon

Civilian Tactical Firearms

Our training provides the civilian handgun owner with the necessary skill sets to enable them to defend themselves using top-tier law enforcement training techniques, as well as teaching applicable use of force state law.

Woman being followed

Women’s Self-Protection

Develop your overall confidence while empowering yourself! Our proven self-protection strategies and easy-to-learn tools, tactics and techniques are all aimed at enhancing the personal safety of ladies of all ages and experience levels.

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“Active threats and/or shooters are a reality of our society, and whether it be at
work, school, or in any public place, having the knowledge to pull from can make the difference. I highly recommend Charlie for Active Threat training. He does a great job at making a tough topic easier to understand and provides a healthy dose of reality without terrifying the audience.”

— Jenna Johnson – Director of HR, Jekyll Island Authority

Jeff Sgarlata

“I have attended several seminars through my 4+ decades of training but nothing that compares to this. Charlie is a fantastic instructor and teaches real life scenario-based skills. The skills and experiences he shared were invaluable. I would highly recommend attending his seminars to everyone.”

— Jeff Sgarlata – Owner of Beyond the Range

Ava Page

“Going off to college can be scary for a young girl, especially living on your own.
The self-defense workshop I took through Charlie Moore Training has allowed me to go into college with confidence and a feeling of safety.”

— Ava Paga – Women’s Self-Defense student

Beverly Johnson

“Awesome training – awesome people! I’ve attended Charlie’s seminars and taken several hands-on training classes with him and Rachael. Their knowledge and passion for what they do is evident, and their encouragement and belief in their students is so motivating.”

— Beverly Johnson – Civilian Tactical Handgun student

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