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Meet Charlie Moore and the members of his team!

CHARLIE MOORE | Chief Instructor

Charlie Moore has 33+ years of total law enforcement experience. He served as a patrol officer in the State of New York from 1982-1990. He joined the US Marshals Service in 1990, where he served in a number of positions, including providing personal protection to Supreme Court Justices Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas and numerous high-profile protected witnesses of the Federal witness protection program. He has executed hundreds of high-risk arrest and search warrants during major nationwide violent fugitive apprehension operations.

Mr. Moore has served as an undercover agent for the New England drug enforcement task force, as well as a response team leader for numerous high-threat national security events to include the 9-11 terrorist attacks on NYC, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the LA riots, the RNC and DNC conventions, the G-8 summit and more.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Mr. Moore was selected to become the nation’s very first Deputy Chief of Use of Force Training for the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration, where he directed and designed training for the Federal Air Marshal (FAM) Service. He also served as the FAM acting chief of basic training. Additionally, he was chosen to supervise the creation and implementation of the world’s first-ever armed commercial pilots training program (FFDO).

Mr. Moore returned to the US Marshals Service in 2009 and retired in January 2015 with 25 years of Federal law enforcement service, having served as the chief defensive tactics, use of force, and tactical physical fitness instructor for the US Marshals National Training Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) located in Glynco, Georgia.

Mr. Moore is available to provide counsel, prepare legal documentation and serve as an expert witness on legal cases in a wide variety of areas.

Steven Muntean | BEST Advisor

Steve has served as an advisor for the Business Executive Self-Protection Training (BEST) courses Charlie More Training offers. He is a 4X entrepreneur, venture capital backed CEO, and investor in the security services and defense sector. His portfolio companies are tech-enabling a centuries old security services industry by combining video surveillance technologies, mobile patrol services, on-site services, and state of the art reporting technologies. Steve has over seven years unconventional state law enforcement experience working in several operational capacities, his last role was serving as a Lieutenant (reserve) in the Training Division focusing on high-liability in-service training. He is a Board Member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Southeast Region Chapter.

Marc Joseph | Training Gear Advisor

Marc is the training gear advisor and exclusive supplier for Charlie Moore Training. Marc is the President at Spartan Training Gear, a company which designs industry leading training armour for soldiers, police officers and first responders worldwide. Charlie Moore Training is proud to utilize Spartan Training Armour for their courses, seminars and workshops.

Jennifer Tacbas | Brand Design & Marketing

Jennifer is proud to be working with Charlie Moore Training, where she is responsible for the creative development and management of the company’s overall brand and online presence, and marketing strategies. Jennifer has 10+ years of experience in areas of graphic arts, web design, social media marketing, and photography. She regularly freelances special projects in web design and graphic design for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large corporations such as SONY. Jennifer currently resides in southeast Georgia with her husband, Jason, a 20+ year Federal fire and law enforcement officer and instructor, and their daughter, Logan.


Since 1987, Charlie Moore has had the honor of traveling across the country and abroad to train civilians, business executives and law enforcement officers and departments in self-protection and self-defense. Here are a few testimonials about Charlie and the quality of his training:

"I own a self defense/fitness facility in Evanston, Illinois that serves the civilian market. Each year we try to bring out guest instructors who are experts in their field to provide unique learning experiences for our students and instructors alike. Workshops with Charlie Moore have quickly become our most popular and frequently demanded event.

From a student standpoint this is because he not only brings with him a wealth of hard earned experience/knowledge from 30+ years of law enforcement but he remains approachable and fun while doing so. This way the skills and information on offer remains accessible to everyone.

From a business owner standpoint Charlie is very easy to work with. There is no non-sense and he will do his best to deliver a workshop that is specifically tailored to your request. So far we have done 3 Active Threat workshops with Charlie and each time we've managed to outdo the last. Training was taken from the regular studio environment to office buildings where simunition, shock-knives and body armor were used to create realistic scenarios and then eventually live fire drills at a shooting range.

In short, Charlie Moore is the real deal, and the training he provides is worth the very affordable asking price."
Chris Greenhill
Owner, Tier One Training Center
"You can always recognize a skilled teacher because they are skilled listeners/students, as well. I've had the pleasure of working with Charlie on several occasions, and he definitely meets the standard for what I would define as a "High Level Instructor". His knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes him extremely effective in a real world scenario.

But what makes him most special is his ability to take the most effective 'hand to hand' martial art in the world, and apply it for Law Enforcement, Military, or Civilians in a real world combat scenario, where being prepared for the unknown variables makes the difference between life and death."
Cole Miller
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Professional MMA Fighter and 20x UFC Veteran
Owner/Head Instructor of Miller Martial Arts and Fitness
Creator of MMACT Combat Training System
"I have known Charlie Moore for many years and have trained with him and have observed him teach. His method is innovative, creative and effective. It's rare that you have a self defense practitioner that also combines real life experience, a "been there, done that" guy. Charlie's experience as a Deputy US Marshal, handling the bad of the bad, and teaching defensive tactics to law enforcement worldwide provided him a first hand view of how real violence occurs. Charlie has the answers on how to deal reality based scenarios both from the law enforcement and civilian perspective.

It's rare that I endorse a person or product; however, I highly recommend Charlie Moore. He will prepare you and your loved ones for the unthinkable."
Steve Kardian
30+ year law enforcement veteran
Law enforcement consultant for Fox News, CNN, Good Morning America, etc.
Creator of "Less than Lethal Tactics and Ground Control for Law Enforcement"
Founder of Jane Jitsu program for women
Author of "The New Super Power for Women"
"Charlie Moore's training course for the special operations unit in Ukraine has been one of the most successful to date. Each of the course evaluations described the participants' experience as one of the best training programs they had ever attended. I received nothing but the highest feedback from all the participants. They regard the course as truly comprehensive, which was taught with an understanding that only comes from experience and critical analysis of the program itself.

On a separate note, I would like to commend Charlie Moore – a leader of the instructors' team and a truly impressive professional. His preparation was evident. He explained various topics in a way that only a person who has a deep understanding of the topic can do. His energy was constant. This created a unique level of credibility and feasibility of the training program. I believe that Charlie Moore is a unique asset to Ukrainian law enforcement community, and I hope he will continue contributing to the development of law enforcement in Ukraine.

I would definitely recommend Charlie Moore's course to all the people who aspire to become better selves."
Marta Basystiuk
Legal Advisor
US DoJ / ICITAP Regional Project Office
Kyiv, Ukraine
"I have an extensive background in martial arts, self-defense, arrest and control, defensive tactics, firearms, functional fitness and military combatives, as well as a 30-year history of teaching and training in various martial art and defensive tactics systems. I also have a personal library of hundreds of books, magazines and periodicals on the topics. Because of this knowledge and experience, I am in a unique position to evaluate various programs and approaches to self-defense and defensive tactics training.

In my opinion, the self-defense and defensive tactics training programs taught by Mr. Charlie Moore are some of the most effective and efficient methods available. I would highly recommend his training to any law enforcement officer/agency or civilian group!"
Roy C. Harris
CEO, Harris International
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Author of "The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man"