June 26: Confident Concealed Carry Workshop | Hortense, GA

May 28, 2021 | Civilian Tactical Handgun, Training

This workshop has SOLD OUT! If you are interested in attending a future a training like this, please contact Charlie Moore at 912-966-7200 or charlie@charliemooretraining.com.

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We invite you to attend our Level 1 Confident Concealed Carry workshop at American Patriot in Hortense, GA on June 26 from 9-11:30am! (Our 12:30-3pm time slot is already SOLD OUT!)

Sold Out - Confident Concealed Carry Level 1


Self-Defense Shooting Skill Builder Seven

  1. Developing a functional grip for self defense shooting
  2. Creating a reliable shooting platform/stance
  3. Concepts of sight refinement (to include your personal natural point of aim)
  4. Promoting a proper sight picture
  5. Importance of breathing for tactical effectiveness
  6. Managing your trigger for efficiency of action
  7. The necessity of proper follow-thru


  • Weapon
  • Ear & eye protection
  • Holster
  • Minimum of 2 magazines
  • Mag holder
  • Minimum 60 rounds of ammo (Can be purchased from American Patriot or Charlie Moore Training)
  • Hydration & snacks


DATE & TIME: Saturday, May 22, 2021 • 9:00am-11:30am

LOCATION: American Patriot Range, 2526 Boots Harrison Road, Hortense, GA

COST: $125 per attendee

TO REGISTER: Contact instructor Charlie Moore at (912) 996-7200 or charlie@charliemooretraining.com.

PAYMENT will be accepted via:

  • Venmo @Charlie-Moore-50
  • Credit card (2.5% processing fee)


CMT does not offer refunds. Our courses are limited in size, and when you register, we exclusively lock in that spot for you.

If you need to postpone due to illness, work, injury or any other legitimate reason, we will hold your class credit indefinitely until you can re-schedule for another course.


CHARLIE MOORE has 33+ years of total law enforcement experience. He served as a patrol officer in the State of New York from 1982-1990. He joined the US Marshals Service in 1990, where he served in a number of positions. He has executed hundreds of high-risk arrest and search warrants during major nationwide violent fugitive apprehension operations. He has served as an undercover agent for the New England drug enforcement task force, as well as a response team leader for numerous high-threat national security events to include the 9-11 terrorist attacks on NYC, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the LA riots, the RNC and DNC conventions, the G-8 summit and more.

Mr. Moore retired in January 2015 with 25 years of Federal law enforcement service, having served as a nationally certified law enforcement instructor in the areas of defensive tactics, firearms, flying armed countermeasures, use of force, active threat and tactical physical fitness for the US Marshals National Training Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) located in Glynco, Georgia.

Charlie is a certified Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event (CRASE) instructor through the ALERRT program at Texas State University.

Read Charlie’s full bio and learn more about Charlie Moore Training at www.charliemooretraining.com/about.

June 26 Confident Concealed Carry Level 1 workshop - Charlie Moore Training Georgia www.charliemooretraining.com

Meet the Instructor

Charlie Moore

A subject matter expert in self-defense, Charlie Moore himself will be instructing this vital self-protection course for women. Charlie is a retired US Marshal who has over 33 years state and Federal law enforcement experience and decades devoted to martial arts. He travels across the country and worldwide delivering exclusive comprehensive self-protection training for civilians, business executives and law enforcement. He has been praised as a rare instructor who can teach any student regardless of age, gender and capability.

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