June 5 & 6: Civilian Tactical Handgun Workshop | Bridgeport, NY

Apr 30, 2021 | Civilian Tactical Handgun, Training

Charlie Moore will return to Cicero, NY, to teach a 3-part civilian tactical handgun workshop featuring sessions in handgun fundamentals, vehicle tactics and live fire.

All training will be conducted at Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club at 7470 Bull Street, Bridgeport, NY 13030.

People demonstrating handgun procedures

Saturday, June 5

8am-12pm | Session 1 – Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun

Max 12 attendees

  • Universal safety protocols
  • Use of Force / legal defense issues
  • Stress effect on performance and decision
  • Weapon handling / manipulations
  • Tactical handgun positions
  • Natural point of aim
  • The Three Reloads
  • Close quarter shooting basics
  • Clearing the three levels of malfunctions
  • Engaging with movement
  • Engaging multiple threats
  • Shoot / Don’t Shoot drills
  • Trauma medicine overview / demo
People demonstrating handgun procedures

1pm-5pm | Session 2 – Vehicle Tactics

Max 12 attendees

  • Tactical safety protocols
  • Use of Force justification
  • Vehicular anatomy and ballistics
  • Accessing your weapon while seated or various other confided space positions
  • Safe weapon employment for engaging threats in vehicular confined space
  • Environmentally specific shooting platforms for engaging in and around vehicles
  • Tactics for utilizing vehicle angles and structure in a real-life 3D environment
  • 360-degree engagement tactics (inside & outside vehicles)
  • Overview of tactical trauma medicine

For Sessions 1 & 2, training weapons and Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) will be provided.

Attendees must bring: long-sleeved shirt for scenarios, eye protection, hydration and a snack.

People demonstrating handgun procedures

Sunday, June 6

8am – 12pm | Session 3 – Tactical Live Fire

Max 6 attendees

This training will cover:

  • Universal tactical safety protocols / Self-defense law applications
  • Principle of grips
  • Shooting platform development / tactical movement principles
  • Reloading (administrative, emergency, tactical)
  • Clearing the 3 levels of malfunctions
  • Natural point of aim / sight picture & sight refinement
  • Low / high ready and the Sul positions of weapon manipulations
  • Kneeling shooting platform
  • Urban prone shooting platform
  • Shooting from cover / concealment
  • Close quarter/compressed frame shooting
  • Multiple targets / threat engagements

Attendees must bring weapon, holster system, ear & eye protection and 150 rounds of ammo.

People demonstrating handgun procedures

COST: Individual sessions are $175 per attendee. If you register for 2+ sessions, each session will be $150. (Savings of $25 per session.)

REGISTER TODAY at www.beyondtherange.net.

QUESTIONS? Contact Jeff Sgarlata at (315) 752-5728 or instructor Charlie Moore at (912) 996-7200 or charlie@charliemooretraining.com.

We look forward to the opportunity to train you to be safer in today’s world!

Civilian Tactical Handgun Training info & dates

Meet the Instructor

Charlie Moore

A subject matter expert in self-defense, Charlie Moore himself will be instructing this vital self-protection course for women. Charlie is a retired US Marshal who has over 33 years state and Federal law enforcement experience and decades devoted to martial arts. He travels across the country and worldwide delivering exclusive comprehensive self-protection training for civilians, business executives and law enforcement. He has been praised as a rare instructor who can teach any student regardless of age, gender and capability.

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