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Active shooter / active threat training for your business, school or organization

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The definition of an active shooter is “an individual actively engaged in the killing or attempted killing of people in a confined and populated area.” Many recent active shooter events have accentuated the need for a response from not only law enforcement, but those at the incident scene as well.

The FBI said in their 2017 report on Active Shooter incidents, “The enhanced threat posed by active shooters and the swiftness with which active shooter incidents unfold support the importance of preparation by law enforcement and CITIZENS alike”. It is no longer acceptable nor prudent to hide and hope that someone will arrive to save you.

With the average police response in the United States being 3-5 minutes (time of notification to arrival, NOT to action) this is a huge significant time gap where the majority of casualties and injuries occur, the time from the first shot until the threat is stopped. This is the missing training link to make your business, school or group safer and more secure during one of these events, and this is the very time gap that Charlie Moore Training focuses on making our approach not only professional, realistic and effective, but unrivaled in its methodology compared to the vast majority of conventional training.

Our programs are specially designed for both armed and unarmed response protocols based on the unique needs of the client. All programs are hands-on and intended to educate the student with need-to-know from past events (lessons learned) as well as what to expect from possible future events. Our goal is to empower each and every person to be a full participant in their survival during an active shooter event, not just a hopeful bystander. Don’t outsource your personal safety; OWN IT !!!

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Available Active Shooter Training Options

Here at Charlie Moore Training, we have a wide range of programs ready to go and available immediately to businesses, schools and groups specifically aimed at providing a fundamental level of understanding and effective skill sets required to become safer during an active shooter event.

While we are based in Saint Simons Island on the southeast Georgia coast, we can travel to you wherever you are in the U.S. and customize training to fit your needs.

Following are the programs currently available:

2-Hour Fundamentals Course

Advanced Civilian Handgun Course | "Taking the Range into Reality" Training Series | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com

The objective of this course is to provide the student with the requisite concepts and principles needed to respond to an active shooter event to include before, during and after the event. We also address casualty care (self and others) aimed at providing life-saving information to prevent further loss of life during the delayed response of EMS prompted by the need for law enforcement to secure and make the scene safe.

Overview of Foundations Course Topics:

  • Defining an active shooter
  • Common characteristics of an active shooter
  • Risk factors of potential attackers
  • Lessons Learned from past active shooter attacks
  • Color-coded situational awareness development
  • Stages of crisis response to include the OODA loop
  • The effects of stress on decision making and performance
  • Commonly taught active shooter responses (Run, Hide, Fight/Avoid, Deny, Defend/Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, etc.) and their pros and cons
  • Responding to police
  • Overview of tactical emergency casualty care: DHS “Stop the Bleed” program

4-hour Comprehensive Active Shooter Workshop

Civilian Handgun Fundamentals Course - "Taking the Range into Reality" Training Series | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com
Charlie Moore Training adult combatives class | | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com
Civilian Handgun Fundamentals Course - "Taking the Range into Reality" Training Series | ©2018 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com

In this workshop we take all the life-saving information provided in the Fundamentals Course and put it into hands-on action:

  • Avoiding an active shooter how to move, where to move to and how to barricade and/or create protective layers and barriers in any location
  • Securing doors (in-swinging, out-swinging, and even pneumatic) with commercially available and improvised means
  • Proven modes of physical control of armed subjects (firearms and edged weapons) for When the so-called last resort is now YOUR BEST OPTION !!!!
  • Hands-on application of tourniquets during our tactical emergency casualty care segment
  • Targeted real-life replication scenario aimed at placing the student into the same environment as an actual event to pressure check all learned material

This comprehensive workshop utilizes our proven learning methods of education, application, and replication training which is the best way to train for such a vital and dangerous stress-filled event such as an active shooter. This methodology is utilized by law enforcement and military units world-wide because practicing as close to the actual event itself is the best way to train for the event itself. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and fun environment designed for maximum learning effectiveness by using trained professional role-players.


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This is our top-tier cream of the crop program. This program incorporates all the material from our 2 and 4-hour courses but in a 6.5 hour full-day training session, which has been specifically designed to meet a client’s unique needs. This custom-designed course is the ultimate in active shooter training for your staff, students, teachers, personnel, etc.

Charlie Moore Training can also provide the following for active shooter and other workplace violence concerns:

  • Site assessments
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Policy design, review and development