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Law Enforcement Training

We collaborate with law enforcement departments and agencies to create customized training solutions to fit their unique needs.

Law Enforcement Training | © 2017 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com
Law Enforcement Training | © 2017 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com

Charlie Moore Training offers a unique and exclusive prospective on police defensive tactics and use of force training due to Charlie’s first-hand real life experience in using the tools, tactics and techniques he teaches. Charlie has 30+ years of street experience and 20+ years of academy-based training experience, both nationally and worldwide. He has unrivaled insight into what tactics and techniques don’t work but have been taught in the LE community for years because of the deep resistance to change – the prevalent “we’ve always done it that way” mentality. Charlie is also well-known for his unique and unparalleled ability to effectively share his experiences with students of all levels, rank, gender, ages and abilities.

Charlie is a nationally and internationally certified instructor in police defensive tactics, firearms, active shooter resolution strategies, aircraft security countermeasures, use of force training, police physical and tactical fitness, force on force scenario development, contact-control-cuff tactics, less-lethal devices, and high-risk fugitive entry tactics.  

Charlie has conducted and directed training programs for tens of thousands of Federal officers and agents while assigned to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and as the Lead Instructor of Defensive Tactics and Use of Force for the US Marshals Service. He has also designed, developed, and presented training programs for Elite Police Units internationally in the Ukraine, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic, and more.

A wide variety of custom courses are currently available for law enforcement departments including:

  • Police Defensive Tactics Instructor Development Programs
  • Contact and Entry methods (bad guy and good guy initiated)
  • Takedowns (single and team)
  • Restraint applications (standing, kneeling, prone, close quarter environments)
  • Basic Grounded (bad guy up/LEO down) and Ground Fighting
  • Police Contact-Control-Cuff Course 
  • Police Ground Combatives Course 
  • Police Edged Weapons Defense Course 
  • Police Warrant Entry Tactics Course 
  • Police Tactical and Physical Fitness Course 
  • And much more!

Contact us today to start planning your custom-designed workshops, courses and seminars!

Fundamentals and Concepts of Protective Offense Strategies for Law Enforcement Professionals

Charlie Moore Training offers a 5-day / 40-hour Train the Trainer program which is customized to each agency’s needs. The focus of this program is the application of street-proven principles and concepts and is aimed at enhancing officer/agent effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

Contact us today to start planning your agency’s custom-designed program!

Charlie Moore teaching LEO contact and control tactics and strategies - Law Enforcement Training | © 2018 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com
Law Enforcement Training | © 2017 Charlie Moore Training - www.charliemooretraining.com