Active Shooter Response

The average police arrival time in the U.S. is between 3-5 minutes.

Our programs focus on our proprietary concept of: “Owning the Gap” this is the key to enhancing your safety during one of these stress-filled dangerous events by making you an active participant in your safety, and not just a hope filled bystander.

DO NOT outsource your safety……OWN IT!!!!

At Charlie Moore Training we are dedicated to training our students on how to dramatically increase their chances of safety and survival in the face of an active shooter event.

Our Active Shooter training programs are designed to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to “own” the critical time gaps that exist during these high-stress dangerous situations by empowering our students with the confidence to take and make decisive and effective actions aimed at maximizing survival and minimizing exposure to potential negative impact of these events.

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Why Choose Charlie Moore Training for Active Shooter Training Programs?

All-Encompassing Situational Awareness

We focus on two key time gaps which demand “ownership” during an active shooter event.

The first time gap is the time between when the incident begins and when the police arrive and intervene to end the threat.

Sadly, based on some recent tragic events – Parkland and Uvalde come to mind – just having the police “arrive” or “having them there” doesn’t solve the problem; they MUST also do something and with the average police response time in the United States being 3-5 minutes, seconds count and minutes matter. What will you do during this time? This is where we come in: We teach you what you can and should do during this critical timeframe.

The second time gap we focus on is between the event being concluded and EMS being cleared to enter, triage, and treat. Unfortunately, this is also the time when many of the injured, who could have been saved, perish because no one was trained on what to do to save them. This is where we come in: We teach you exactly what to do in this timeframe, as well.

Proven Strategies and Techniques

Our programs are developed and designed following not only extensive research into the world’s best practices and painstaking analysis of real-world events, but our training is further backed by the combined 70+ years of real-world experience of our instructional team in dealing with the violence of today’s world.

“Optim Health System needed a professional who could help us stay on the forefront of workplace safety. OHS needed a resource to teach and provide training for the ongoing threat of an active shooter situation, specifically in a healthcare setting. Charlie Moore Training solved those needs.”

— Hunter McCall, Facilities Director – Optim Health System

Our Active Shooter Training Programs

We currently offer two 3-hour courses for your business, school, church or organization, as well as custom training solutions. We can help you decide which one is right for you.

Charlie Moore speaking at training
Essentials Program – 3 hours

Our essentials program is a three-hour presentation, which provides…

  • An in-depth look into the statistics of past events
  • A look inside the mind of an active shooter
  • Past event analysis from a lessons to be learned perspective
  • Mindfulness into how stress effects the human body and human performance
  • Our anti-cliché approach of instilling an action mindset versus words
  • An overview of basic trauma medicine
  • A topic rarely covered in similar courses: what do we do when it’s over: post event
  • …and much more

Our essentials program is flexible and can be conducted in various formats to include classroom/presentation settings, as well as through virtual settings, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or similar platforms.

Own The Gap Program
Own the Gap (OTG) Scenario-based Training Program – 3 hours
This course is comprised of real-world training simulations that replicate the intensity and real- life feel of an actual active shooter event. It calls for fully interactive participation, taking into consideration all aspects of an actual event. Our students…
  • Develop critical decision-making skills
  • Enhance their situational awareness
  • Master techniques of:
    • Avoidance
    • Escape
    • Security
    • Tactical communication o Personal self-defense
    • Team self-defense
    • How to effectively provide medical aid to oneself or to others
Custom training program
Customized Training Solutions

We recognize that each business, school, hospital, church, or other organization has unique needs and circumstances. Our training courses can be tailored to any specific industry, workplace, or community setting. Whether you are in healthcare, education, retail, or any other field, our programs can be adapted to address your organization’s particular challenges, ensuring maximum applicability and effectiveness for everyone.

“Active threats and/or shooters are a reality of our society, and whether it be at work, school, or in any public place, having the knowledge to pull from can make the difference. I highly recommend Charlie for Active Threat training. He does a great job at making a tough topic easier to understand and provides a healthy dose of reality without terrifying the audience.”

— Jenna Johnson, Director of HR – Jekyll Island Authority

Closing Thoughts from Charlie Moore

Preparation is key, and it MUST be done prior to an event happening.

If you are looking for training that will prepare you, your team, your students, employees, staff, etc. on how to respond during one of today’s most dangerous and challenging incidents – an active shooter event – then look no further than Charlie Moore Training.

In moments that demand decisive and immediate action, when seconds count and when minutes matter, we at Charlie Moore Training stand ready to prepare you to respond swiftly, confidently, and effectively during one of these events.

Don’t leave safety to chance or hope! Take the proactive step to contact us to schedule a program that fits your needs, and together we will be safer.

— Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore demonstrating training

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