Real World Training for Real People

Our training is geared toward providing the civilian handgun owner with the necessary skill sets to enable them to defend themselves or others when threatened with imminent or immediate serious bodily injury or death, which is the accepted legal standard for using lethal force across the United States.

These programs will address the tactical considerations necessary to employ justified lethal force effectively and efficiently in a civilian context.

The following programs are available – Levels 1-3 Civilian Live First Handgun Training, as well as Women’s Only Firearm Training. Scroll down to read a description of each course.

“I have attended several seminars through my 4+ decades of training but nothing that compares to this. Charlie is a fantastic instructor and teaches real life scenario-based skills. The skills and experiences he shared were invaluable. I would highly recommend attending his seminars to everyone.”

— Jeff Sgarlata, Owner – Beyond the Range

Level One training
Level One: Tactical Civilian Live Fire Handgun Training – 3 hours
  • Universal Safety Protocols: Learn the safety protocols that are essential for handling firearms responsibly, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.
  • Self-Defense Law Application (State Specific): Gain a comprehensive understanding of the self-defense laws specific to your state, empowering you to make informed decisions when protecting yourself and others.
  • Principles of an Effective Grip
  • Drawing from Holster: Learn efficient techniques for drawing your handgun quickly
    and safely from a holster, enabling rapid response times in critical situations.
  • Shooting Platform Development (Standing/Squatting)
  • Natural Point of Aim / Sight Picture / Sight Refinement
  • Trigger Management
  • Reloading (Administrative and Emergency): Develop the skills necessary for efficient reloading in both administrative situations and emergency scenarios, ensuring continuous readiness to protect your loved ones.

Student must provide:

  • 100 rounds
  • A weapon
  • Holster system
  • Three magazines or loading devices
  • Ear and eye protection
Level Two training
Level Two: Tactical Civilian Live Fire Handgun Training – 3 hours

Pre-requisite: Must have attended Level 1 Training

  • Methods of Concealment: Explore various methods of effectively concealing your handgun, maintaining accessibility while prioritizing discretion.
  • Accessing Your Weapon from Concealment: Master techniques for quickly and efficiently accessing your weapon from concealed carry positions, optimizing response times in critical situations.
  • Weapon Manipulation Skills for Self-Defense Shooting: Enhance your weapon manipulation skills specific to self-defense shooting scenarios, including quick and reliable target acquisition.
  • Clearing the Three Most Probable Malfunctions
  • Introduction to Instinctual Shooting
  • Kneeling Shooting Platform: Develop proficiency in shooting from a kneeling position, expanding your tactical capabilities in various scenarios.
  • Urban Prone Shooting Platform: Master the urban prone shooting position, enabling you to engage threats while utilizing cover and minimizing exposure.
  • Shooting from Cover / Concealment: Learn strategies and techniques for effectively shooting from cover and concealment, maximizing your protection, and minimizing risks.
  • Movement Principles for Self-Defense Shooting: Explore movement principles tailored for self-defense shooting scenarios, enabling you to engage threats while maintaining mobility and stability.
  • Multiple Targets/Threat Engagements: Hone your skills in efficiently and effectively engaging multiple targets, preparing you for complex self-defense situations.

Student must provide:

  • 150 rounds
  • A weapon
  • Holster system
  • Three magazines or loading devices
  • Ear and eye protection.
Level Three: Tactical Live Fire – 3 hours

Pre-requisite: Must have attended Level 1 Training

STRESS! and the effects of massive amounts of adrenal stress on the human body affect how we perform. There is no time more important to perform at your peak level of skill than during a life-threatening event. This course will train you in just that: responding effectively and efficiently under adrenal stress.

Session Three utilizes the very same training methods as most top-tier law enforcement officers and agencies, including role players and non-lethal training cartridges. There is no better way to train for an event than the event itself – or as close as you can safely get – and that is exactly what we do in Session Three.

If you truthfully want to “take the range into reality,” then this course is for you!

This session will be different from any range day you’ve had. Using drills and skill builders from top-tier law enforcement agency training, we will take your tactical handgun skills to the next level.

You will learn:

  • Grip and reloading under stress
  • Instinctive vs Precision Shooting
  • Movement principles for defensive handgun
  • Tactical immediate action drills vs those from the sportive range
  • Use of cover myths, misconceptions and methods
  • Shooting from atypical platforms
  • Shooting effectively under stress
  • …and more!

For safety, the maximum attendance for this class is 4 students.

Women's training
Women’s Firearm Training

For those who possess a carry permit for the jurisdiction of the training course attended, we offer a comprehensive firearms training developed for women, by a woman with over 30 years working as a US Marshal.

Our courses focus on firearm safety, marksmanship, defensive shooting techniques, and the understanding the legal responsibilities associated with carrying a firearm.

Our advanced firearms courses take the basic skills learned and add the factors which take the range into reality namely stress, environment, and movement.

Student must provide:

  • 150 rounds
  • A weapon
  • Holster system
  • Three magazines or loading devices
  • Ear and eye protection.

To view our full line of trainings for women, visit our Women’s Self-Defense training page.

“Awesome training – awesome people! I’ve attended Charlie’s seminars and taken several hands- on training classes with him and Rachael. Their knowledge and passion for what they do is evident, and their encouragement and belief in their students is so motivating.”

— Beverly Johnson, Civilian

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