Street Self-Defense Seminar – Ontario, Canada

Charlie Moore Training is heading to Milton Jiu Jitsu in Ontario to teach an adult self-defense seminar. One hour will be dedicated to stand-up tactics and one hour will focus on ground fighting tactics. To register, contact Samantha at

Hand-to-Hand & Edged Weapons Self-Defense Workshop – Waterloo, NY

Transform Martial Arts & Fitness 1963 Routes 5 and 20, Waterloo, NY, United States

Join us for Charlie Moore & Rachael Moore's hand-to-hand and edged weapons self-defense workshop at Transform Martial Arts in Waterloo, NY! To register, call Transform Martial Arts at (315) 651-9561!  

Cover. Close. Counter. Self-Defense Seminar – Fairport, NY

Faust's USA Karate 12 Courtney Drive, Fairport, NY, United States

A conceptual approach to winning a real life assault on the street. This seminar is designed to provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to win a real life violent encounter using proven techniques to weather an assault, use distance as your friend (this is different than what you've been told or practiced), […]

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