FREE Active Shooter Training – Brunswick, GA

Blythe Island Baptist Church 170 Cut-Off Rd, Brunswick, GA, United States

Charlie Moore Training will offer an active shooter course at Blythe Island Baptist Church. This training is FREE to the public. No registration is required - just show up! We look forward to seeing you there.  


UGA College Girls’ Self-Defense (Private)

Charlie Moore heads to the University of Georgia (UGA) to teach a private college girls' self-defense workshop. If you're interested in Charlie teaching his renowned women's self-defense tactics to your group or organization, please send us a message!

2023 Capital Conquest – Gatineau, Canada

Palais de Congres 50 Bd Maisonneuve, Gatineau, Canada

Join Charlie Moore as he instructs his popular police tactics seminar at this year's Capital Conquest in Gatineau, Canada! To learn more or to register, visit "Join Hanshi John Therien as he hosts One of the World's Largest Training Events - 3 Days of Training, Competition, Kickboxing Gala, Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame, […]

Street Self-Defense Seminar – Ontario, Canada

Charlie Moore Training is heading to Milton Jiu Jitsu in Ontario to teach an adult self-defense seminar. One hour will be dedicated to stand-up tactics and one hour will focus on ground fighting tactics. To register, contact Samantha at

Kid’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Workshop – Waterloo, NY

Transform Martial Arts & Fitness 1963 Routes 5 and 20, Waterloo, NY, United States

Join Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Charlie Moore, on the mats for his popular Kids' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Workshop! To register, call Transform Martial Arts at (315) 651-9561.

Hand-to-Hand & Edged Weapons Self-Defense Workshop – Waterloo, NY

Transform Martial Arts & Fitness 1963 Routes 5 and 20, Waterloo, NY, United States

Join us for Charlie Moore & Rachael Moore's hand-to-hand and edged weapons self-defense workshop at Transform Martial Arts in Waterloo, NY! To register, call Transform Martial Arts at (315) 651-9561!  

Cover. Close. Counter. Self-Defense Seminar – Fairport, NY

Faust's USA Karate 12 Courtney Drive, Fairport, NY, United States

A conceptual approach to winning a real life assault on the street. This seminar is designed to provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to win a real life violent encounter using proven techniques to weather an assault, use distance as your friend (this is different than what you've been told or practiced), […]

Women’s Pepper Spray Workshop

Devine Jiu Jitsu 355 Mall Boulevard, Brunswick, GA, United States

Click HERE to register on Eventbrite. Join us for an exciting workshop held by Charlie Moore Training at Devine Jiu Jitsu in Brunswick, GA. This workshop is specially designed for women who want to learn how to effectively use pepper spray for personal safety. We will teach you everything you need to know about carrying, accessing & utilizing a pepper […]


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